Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two Months

Crunch and twist day was two months ago today – Feb. 25. As of Friday things are going fairly well. The two weeks prior to that however, I battled a sinus headache that caused me to miss my first full week of physical therapy; so tomorrow I’ll attempt a full (two session) PT week again. It has taken me quite awhile to get this walking cast/boot working for me instead against me, but I think I’m finally there. The issue is lots of skin sensitivity at the surgical site (ankle), actually over the plate. I’ve modified my “socked” foot with Nu-foam cutouts I made (photos) and it is finally reasonably comfortable. I found this material at Jo-Ann’s Fabric; it works much better than regular foam. I made room for the cutouts by removing some of the unattached pads in the cast/boot.

I must admit that it has sometimes been hard to find the bright spots these past two months, but I just have to share this one. Many of you know that I’ve had lots of challenging times dealing with my mother since my dad died four years ago. Even when she entered Aspen Ridge and received more specialized care this past New Year’s, things were still rocky at best. Because of my physical limitations concerning this injury, I have really cut back on my visits to her and she seems to be doing much better as a result. She now relies on the Aspen Ridge staff for company and seems generally happy. I took her to the eye doctor on Wednesday and she spent the entire visit singing “Over There” (a WW ll song). It made for an interesting appointment, and completely tired her out. Dr. Lewis seemed to cope remarkably well.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Day

I saw my doctor today and received lots of good news. I am now rid of the HORRIBLE cast, it was really getting uncomfortable; I now have a strap-on walking cast that can be removed for sleeping, showers and when I am just sitting around -I've attached a photo. I have an Rx to begin physical therapy and I'm free to get around as much as I can with or without crutches just using pain/lack of it, as a guide. The fibula is healing well, I've attached the Xray (front and back views) showing the plate with the screws going through the bone. It looks like a screw is loose, but that is just the camera angle. I'm now at week five past surgery but week six past accident, and my first step down onto "the foot" hurt all the way up to my brain!!! Al said that this extreme sensitivity when nerves, blood vessels and muscles have not been used for sometime is very natural. Sure hope he's right.