Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Day

I saw my doctor today and received lots of good news. I am now rid of the HORRIBLE cast, it was really getting uncomfortable; I now have a strap-on walking cast that can be removed for sleeping, showers and when I am just sitting around -I've attached a photo. I have an Rx to begin physical therapy and I'm free to get around as much as I can with or without crutches just using pain/lack of it, as a guide. The fibula is healing well, I've attached the Xray (front and back views) showing the plate with the screws going through the bone. It looks like a screw is loose, but that is just the camera angle. I'm now at week five past surgery but week six past accident, and my first step down onto "the foot" hurt all the way up to my brain!!! Al said that this extreme sensitivity when nerves, blood vessels and muscles have not been used for sometime is very natural. Sure hope he's right.

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