Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm Getting There

Hi Everyone,

First, my tip; throughout my recovery I’ve been down on the floor doing various stretches and yoga postures most every day. Just in the past two weeks I’ve discovered a much easier way to lift myself off the floor assuming minimal weight on one foot. Instead of using your hands (on something solid) and your “good” leg/foot to lift, use your dominant fore arm and the other hand. What a difference!

I had my last visit with Dr. Hinz (ankle surgeon) May 3 and he said all was well. He does not need to see me again unless I want him to remove the plate and screws once the bone is totally solid in four to five months. Six weeks ago I would not have considered going through another post-surgery healing process, but if after several months, the skin over the plate remains as sensitive – maybe.

I’m doing two PT sessions per week with Brent at Mavericks, the only negative is that one is always on Monday morning (he does not work on Tuesday mornings) and it conflicts with my wonderful Women’s Spirituality group. As soon as my ankle is strong enough to have my sessions on land (versus pool), I’m sure I’ll be able to switch to Monday afternoons. I’m doing pretty well, driving comfortably but still walking with a limp and just for short distances. My problem in this area is discomfort on the top area of my foot; I guess the muscles atrophied from being in the splint/cast for several weeks.

In follow up to the potentially soft bone issue I mentioned in an earlier post; I’ll be waiting till my next scheduled Dexa Scan in November for my answer. I would have been happy to pay for an earlier one if Dr. Hinz thought it critical, but he thinks November is fine; in the world of medical tests, Dexa Scans are relatively affordable at around $260. Most insurers cover one every two years, unless there are special circumstances, such as taking bone density meds or bones breaking with very little effort. I also attempted to get the opinion of my internal med doctor on the “Should I get a Dexa Scan now” issue, but got very little in the way of advice. The other debatable Dexa issue is “Are all your bones of equal density?” As you may recall, I had several years of normal Dexa Scans, then, after my surgery, Dr. Hinz told me that my bone felt somewhat soft. Dr Hinz and most medical articles indicate that your bones are all equally dense, but some of you have told me that you have heard conflicting views, so I think the jury is definitely still out on this one.

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  1. How's the Fibula coming? Haven't heard anything since May. Karen