Monday, March 29, 2010

Hotel opinions

Al and I just returned from a short trip to Calif. for taxes (our long time accountant) and way too brief family visits. I decided to try the road trip at the last minute since I was not sure how difficult it would be to travel with my foot in a cast navigating hotels, restaurants, etc. Should you ever have to do this for yourself, family or friends, I thought I’d share my hotel opinions with you:

Red Lion in Redding, CA (great for disabled traveler)

Marriott in Walnut Creek, CA (difficult for disabled traveler)

Cupertino Inn, Cupertino, CA (next to impossible for disabled traveler), does not deserve a rating although it is considered a high end hotel.

Shilo Inn, Klamath Falls, OR (great for disabled traveler)

We had requested and received rooms with handicap access from each of these hotels.

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