Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Knealers, the good and bad

Knealers are a good alternative to crutches, most of the time. They don't do steps so you will still need crutches occasionally. Here are some need to knows about knealers:
  • They rent for about $140 per month and most insurers don't cover them.
  • They are NOT as stable as you may have been led to believe, they can and do tip. This might have been prevented had I been given more than the most basic instruction or at the very least, a manual. Despite the warning sticker on the knealer, to "Read Users Manual Befor Operating", they did not have one for me. Also when I asked the therapist for more hands-on instruction, he just blew me off with "that's advanced" and left the room. I'm not thrilled with Summit Therapeutics at the Center.
  • After about a month, I'm doing pretty well with the knealer I have, but it is quite heavy for getting in and out of the car.
  • When you reach the stage of having a hard resin cast on your lower leg, kneeling on it is very painful unless you slip some foam down the front of your cast.

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