Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Splints, it's a skill thing

When my doctor told me I would be I would be getting a splint right away, I had no idea what the splint of today is. It looks like a massive bandage or soft cast around your foot and up to your knee. I had four splint changes to accomodate ankle swelling/size changes. Three of the splints were applied and wrapped correctly so the discomfort was tolerable with pain pills; the fourth splint was applied by a tech who was obviously very inexperienced. If you ever have to get a splint in the ankle area make sure the tech presses hard enough to seat it onto your heel, and does not otherwise interfere with the splint seating onto your heel. If your heel is unable to reach the bottom of your splint ,once it hardens, it pivots and rubs on your ankles.

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