Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My First Post

Just about a month ago my ski slammed into deep snow; I however, kept going forward. A crunch in my ankle and a dull ache was confirmed in the next couple of hours as a broken fibula. My first ever broken bone. It seemed oddly glamorous for the first few days, those feelings are now waaay over.

After waiting a week to see if the bone would move back into a good position for healing on its own-it did not- I had surgery with screws and a plate to hold it together. I continue with NO weight on it, scooting around on my knealer and really looking forward to April 7th when I get a different cast that supposedly will allow for a little weight. I'm hoping to find some of you who may have been through this kind of thing and can give some of your thoughts on related issues that I can't find answers to. Such as:

What are some safe movements for the rest of me that I can do now?

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